Musings and Gratitudes

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Past Campers, Parents, and Fans talk about Ooolation

DSC00708The music lifts my soul, settles it down, colors my heart and breathes peace into my being. – NoraIMG_4325

Last summer, Ooolation gave my voice wings, and it’s still flying! – Christie

The camp is perfect, full of music and warmth. – Anna

I’ve always loved to sing… But Ooo taught me to appreciate music in a new way. The feel of creating effortless harmonies in an aspen grove, surrounded by people I love, is an experience that can be replicated only once a year, but a memory I will never forget. – Mary

IMG_0896I came to a concert-what I got was a show-a real show-that had me smiling with watery eyes. – Margie

In two summers I have found that Ooolation is where voices are heard, raised in song and laughter, our shared languages. It is where all the senses are explored and made stronger as you dance and drum, shout and sing, touch the hands of others in a friendly squeeze, see the beauty of the nature around you and in the talents and feelings of other people. – Bronwen

Ooo is an incredible, magical place for music lovers. The camp is a place away from time, away from stress. We sing and play all day. You are appreciated for being you. – Sophie

DSC03383DSC_0269The greatest values of Ooolation are the things we parents want so desperately for our children to understand: the benefits of hard work and healthy living, and the pure joy of working and being together. – Laura

Ooolation can’t really be called a camp. It’s an experience unlike any other. Not only is it a creative and inspiring musical production, but the fun, easygoing, natural atmosphere conjures the happiest emotions out of me every summer. I could go on and on… – Lily

I have wished there was a way to express the gift of your music… We never get enough of feeling inspired by young people engaging their passions. Just being in their presence fills me with renewed peace for the future. – ConnieDSC_0162DSCF2226

The music has given me another way to experience nature. Coming here always feels like raindrops coming together to form a river that flows to the sea. People feel at home, loved, and free to be themselves. The people here will always be my family. – Taylor

Performing at the community center this year was one of the most electrifying and joyful experiences I’ve ever had. – Leonore

I’ve never done anything this cool in my life. SINGING + MOUNTAINS = GENIUS! – AndreaIMG_6495

DSC_0339Ooolation is probably the best thing to have happened to me so far. – Jesse

Ooolation has led me to some of my most important moments of self-discovery and creation. – Lily

This week has been the best of my life, in large part due to the incredible music and atmosphere created here. – Susannah

Ooolation has influenced much of who I want to be and what I want to share with others. This community has an incredible power that sustains longer than just the time spent in the Sierras. – Nick

Over the past ten years of my life, this place has changed it for the better in more ways than I can name, IMG_4358just from these few magical days every year here in the Sierras. – Celeste

Camp is as important to me as a feather to a wing. I am so thankful for the songs that we sing. – Stephanie

It is a blessing to have shared these songs this week. I feel nourished and full from this week of trees and music, friendship and scrambling. Thank you for bringing it to the world and to my heart. – Taylor

Camp continues to be a hand on my back, gently pushing me to share with the world the gift of music. – HannahDSC_0016 3

This beautiful place has changed my life. – EmilyDSC_0270 2

I didn’t truly sing until I joined Ooolation. Now, singing is like breathing. A constant inspiration to carry my spirit out into the world to inspire others. Thank you from the depths of my being. – Nora

I feel so thankful to be a part of Ooolation. This experience has opened a door to a whole different side of music that I didn’t know existed. Being at ooo and singing this music makes me feel so joyous and in awe of the beauty everywhere. Now I feel so blessed to sing and to share that singing with other people. – Julia

Ooolation! '10 Pics 052What a gift, capturing the spirit of nature, this world, life, love, heartbreak, joy – through music. I am sDSC_0174o grateful to have joined this unique and beautiful community. – Andrea

When I listened to ooo music from years past I was moved to tears, thinking of camp and the friends made there. Finishing my freshman year of college, reflecting on my time at Ooolation, I want to thank you for making me love music in the way that I do. – Lydia

Last night I was lying in bed, thinking of what I am thankful for. Lots of things came to mind. But the one I couldn’t stop thinking about was all of my Ooolation friends. I am so grateful for that time spent in the Sierra, the aspen grove, singing our hearts out. I cherish those eleven days.  – Aidan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_4532This is some of the most amazing music… Camp has made a lasting impression on my life that I will never forget, no matter where life takes me. – Brian

I love how camp makes choral music less serious, and more awe inspiring. – Ann

Ooolation provides a unique and transforming experience… it helps the singers tune into the feel of the music, but also encourages them to be mindful of each other and their surroundings. – Ben

Ooo has lifted my spirits. This is more than a camp. It is a time and place to reflect and reorganize my thoughts. – Sam


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