Jump Start Your Funding

Don’t have the money for camp? Here are ways to get it.

The Pay Back When Able (PBWA) Loan. Some day you will have the money for camp. Right now, you have the freedom, time and passion to engage in wonderful projects that involve your passions. There are people with money who would invest in you. You give them your story, your pitch, and picture of what you want to do. Most importantly you offer the promise of timely communication and to manage the payback of your loan so they don’t have to chase you down or behave like a bank or collection agency. You provide regular appreciative news-letters of your life’s work and adventures following through with the payback of the loan. They receive delightful newsletters with checks (no matter how small) and accounting from you until the debt is paid. In exchange for their timely and generous interest free loan, they get to enjoy your story over the years, and the satisfaction of facilitating your contribution to the world. This PBWA form is a sample written agreement you may adapt to manage your loan with your benefactor. Someday when you have the money you may want to be a benefactor.

Use your skills and passions to get you where you want to be. Here are some ways.

  • Find individuals in your community that may want to help support you. They’re out there! Present your benefactor with a well written “letter of intent” explaining what the Ooolation experience means to you and how you will use it.
  • Give a good short and entertaining “pitch” and follow it with responsible and timely communication.
  • What are your skills? Take stock of yours! Might include: computer work, web design, photography, baby sitting, knitting, dog walking, elder care, grocery delivery, house cleaning, basement organizing, window washing, car mechanic, outdoor grill cleaning, airport pickup and drop off services, gardening and yard work, snow shoveling. Offer your services to your loan benefactor. Use them to get out into your neighborhood to raise money for this project.

Save on travel! Roadtrip across country with other campers!
Instead of looking for flights this year, you might consider asking campers around you if they’d want to pitch in for a cross-country rental van. Ask staff to see what their travel plans are! Along the way, you could learn the camp music, stop at friends houses, and see some sights!

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