What kind of music do you sing? Is this traditional choral music?

Along with the music of Malcolm Dalglish, the songwriting staff and campers bring music influenced by folk village singing styles from around the world. A menu of songs may include: Settings of Nature Poems, Eastern European folk, African, American Cowboy, Jazz, songs in different languages (including invented languages!), and iconographic pop songs that have become folk songs. Songs are learned through movement and may incorporate body percussion. This is an opportunity for singers to develop their ear, voices, and repertoire and to build a foundation for non-classical group singing that will last a lifetime.

How many campers attend and what is the age range?

The camp is a small ensemble of around 20 campers, age ranging from 16-28 with flexibility. Ooolation is a camp for young, powerful voices.

Do I have to audition?

There is no audition process. Camp selection is based on campers self-evaluated singing abilities. The campers who come love to sing, can match pitch, and hold harmonies. A good ear is important. Independent sight-reading is not required, yet campers will be using scores as well as audio to learn their music.

How strenuous is the hiking?

Campers should be comfortable doing a two to eight mile hike in high altitudes after acclimating (takes a couple of days). All campers are encouraged to participate in these excursions.

How much is tuition?

Tuition is $1200. This includes Music, Learning and Concert CDs/downloads, Great food 5 times a day, plus all other camp expenses. There is a tuition discount of $200 if applications are submitted by the early application deadline.

What’s the food situation?

We have wonderful food provided by Linda Dore Catering. This includes scrumptious hot dinners, exceptional desserts every night, and abundant breakfast, lunch, and snack supplies.

Where do you sleep?

Two cabins, four rooms, with two beds each are available. Most campers pitch tents in our Tent City, and even then prefer sleeping under the stars (meteor showers this time of year). If you don’t have a tent, we have a few extra or you can share with another camper!

What’s it like being out in the Sierras for 11 days?

You couldn’t find a more ecstatic outdoor comfort level: it’s mostly dry, sunny, and clear Sierra blue skies. It’s not the season of the attacking insects. Rain is minimal and short lived. Night time coldest is 35°, hottest in the day is 85°.

Are there bears??

There has been one sighting of a black bear in the past 10 years. Malcolm clapped his hands and it ran away. Bear visits are rare because WE DON’T KEEP FOOD IN OUR TENTS!

How is the water and bathing situation?

Even in drought season, the camp has a spring-fed water supply. There are three bathrooms with showers, and an outdoor shower.

Sex, drugs, alcohol?

The camps family social structure and group dynamic inhibits the complexities of intimate, sexual relationships. For simplicity, campers pledge to not use drugs and/or alcohol while at camp. There is an atmosphere of diversity, respect, and good judgement.

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