Sightings: the places

Sightings and the Site of Ooolation

Nestled in a meadow of aspens just east of Yosemite National Park overlooking Mono Basin is a private nature preserve owned by Dale and Suzanne Burger, our generous hosts. This region is the cradle and cathedral of some of the most varied and powerful natural wonders in the world – an ideal setting for our music!

Here is where momentous geological events, glaciers, earth quakes, and volcanoes have made nature an open book for discovery. Here also is the home of The Mono Lake Committee a thriving and successful citizen’s action group protecting the ecosystem of the Mono Basin, a multi-splendored inland sea and habitat for migrating birds.

Founding father of our National Park system, John Muir, referred to this region as a gentle wilderness. At this time of year towards the end of summer, there are mostly blue skies, minimal rainfall, yet plentiful and spectacular meteor showers at night made all the more visible by being a mile and a half closer to them than sea level.